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Thanks to our Selfish products, you can make your favorite fish dish at home in minutes. When we created Selfish our aim was to give you the chance to easily get fresh, ready-to-cook fish. We believe that eating fish often is an important part of a healthy and varied diet. Choose Selfish and enjoy cooking fish in your kitchen.

Fresh and easy!

Prepare fish at home, easily, anytime. Get our filleted and whole fish in odor- and drip-free packaging, designed to keep your fish fresh, from the refrigerator aisle of your local hypermarket or supermarket. Our preservative-free, ready-to-cook products can be stored for up to 7 to 8 days, and are easy to prepare in a pan, microwave, or oven.


Selfish products arrive at the Budaörs Fish Market via our trusted network of suppliers. As a result, you can be sure that the fish on your dining table was sourced using verified responsible and sustainable fishing methods.

Where can I get Selfish?

Our aim is for you to be able to get Selfish products as you go about your regular grocery shop. You can find Selfish products in the refrigerator aisles of the major hypermarket and supermarket chains. Bon appétit!

You can find Selfish products in the shops of the following vendors:

The availablity of products may vary by store

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