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Have you been wondering what’s in the depth of the sea? This mystery is solved at Fishmonger GoBuda where you can see how fresh fish and seafood can be turned into simple and delicious meals, then try it for yourself!

Fresh from the sea

In addition to the Budaörs Fish Market`s wholesale activity, at Fishmonger GoBuda also offers its customers direct access to the freshest seafood products. Behind the glass counter at Fishmonger GoBuda you’ll find the most delectable fresh fish and seafood including octopus, tuna, monkfish, prawns, sea asparagus (you might know it as salicorn), or even turbot. Taste anything that catches your eye! Fresh fish and seafood arrives regularly from all over the world with extra care take during transport to ensure the very best quality.

Fishmonger GoBuda is unique because it is designed in an industrial style, but it offers the friendliness of a market, the hospitality of a restaurant, and the entertainment of a theatre as the chefs prepare the food in an open kitchen.

Fantastic flavours

Fishmonger GoBuda the proprietor of the Budaörs Fish Market, who originally created Palotás Péter with the intention of being able to offer a tiny sampling of a particular seafood products, cooked something delectable at the Budaörs Fish Market on the weekends for individuals who were open to trying new sensations. People began to exhibit such interest after the third or fourth occasion that they lined up in front of the store with take away boxes for the inventive dishes. Dokk Büfé was born in Budaörs in this manner, and his legitimacy to exist has never been contested since. Fishmonger GoBuda at the GoBuda Mall complex offers a variety from the Budaörs Fish Market as well as meals from the Dokk buffet!

Why us?

If you’re hungry for an excellent, locally made fish dish paired with a classic harbour atmosphere, we are open 7 days a week and have fresh offers each day.

The team can help you with any of your questions from how to properly fillet a fish to which spices go with which fish. We want our customers to be able to try and buy the best quality from us and then replicate it in their own kitchens.