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At the Budaörs Fish Market, we’ve been selling fresh fish for almost 15 years, becoming the market leader. Our products are served by the country’s best restaurants and caterers, and we also supply ready-to-eat and fresh fish to the refrigerator aisles of most well-known supermarkets.

Excellent quality

Working with premium local and international suppliers, we offer the largest selection of fresh fish in Hungary. Since opening, we’ve been working to create a network of suppliers that deliver fresh fish from all over the world, six days a week. Our partners select the best fish at the ports of Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Professional processing

The fish arrives in Budaörs within 48 hours for immediate processing, delivery, or purchase at the market. In addition to a well-oiled supply chain, we also ensure each of our partner’s meet stringent requirements, including the use of responsible and sustainable fishing methods.

Where can I buy?

To ensure the very best in quality and freshness and that food safety and sustainable farming standards are met, we also have highly trained food engineers, as well as meat experts and hospitality professionals on our team.